Dont let life unravel you.

There are times when you are fully in your center and you feel great. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. You’re focused on your goals and you plan your every action so you’re going in the right direction.

An event occurs, challenging you and throws you off your course. You struggle and try to resolve this so you can go back to where you were going. Still, your mind is preoccupied with the new intruder.

I have had this happen to me. I had spent many a days trying to get my head wrapped around the issue and had failed. So I came up with a solution, as I did not want this to consume my entirety.

I compartmentalized and kept focusing on my goals and gave some controlled time to wonder about the issue.

Here is the Inspiration: Life is always moving and there is very little we can control. The only thing we can do is not let life get in the way of our goals as without goals we will be lost. As for my issue, I decided to leave it as one of the mysteries of the universe.

Let go of the things that do not serve you. I wish you all bliss…❤️


Best to be taken at face value.

I had a bit of a Confusing experience recently wherein I learned not to go poking around looking for a deeper meaning for everyone and everything as sometimes there is no depth,your not missing on seeing something deeper.It is exactly what it seems.

Let me explain my thought a little more.I met this guy at work and he seemed to show his interest for me.Holding eye contact in office meetings and making small talk at an attempt at flirting.

I didn’t take him seriously as he was many years younger than me and clearly infatuated with an older women but as he continued his attempt at flirting for about 5 months,I gave in.I thought may be I’m being too close minded as the age of a person does not equate to their maturity level.

I decided to invite him for a cup of coffee and get to know him a little.He accepted the coffee invite but said he was a bit busy at the moment with work.I didnt know what to think of this.Why had this person spent 5 months leering at me and orchestrated bumping into me at every chance if he did not want to know me.I was intrigued and annoyed at the same time.

I wondered if he was intimidated by my age and that caused him fear to meet with me as he may make a fool of himself.I pondered if I had offended him in some way as he did pursue me for a long time.

After quite a bit of mulling and 6 more months having passed by I decided to ask him why he had Ignored my coffee invite after having pursued me for months.He apologised for having leered at me but it was unintentional and the coffee invite had slipped his mind.

I was confused by his reply.How can a person gawk at you for 5 months without intention or interest.Then I realised what I had assumed at the beginning about his immaturity in relation to his age was true.I had been digging for greater depth wherein there wasnt any.He was Just passing time.

Inspiration:I had resolved for the new year that I would consider things and people at face value alone and not waste my energy looking for more value than they offer.No more overthinking.This saves the energy which could be put to better use like helping someone in need :)..

Let go of the things that do not serve you. I wish you all bliss…❤

Why is kindness so rare?

We have been taught since we were little children about kindness. We have heard many stories about people being kind to other fellow beings. Which actually means we have all heard about it but how often do we see it in our every day lives?

How often do people in the service industries who are paid to be kind practice kindness? Not very often. We can find 1 out of 50 people who may be kind. It feels naturally good to be kind…yet why is it so rare.

It’s because we all dwell on our frustrations rather than focus on our blessings. We are blessed with a lot most of the time. Somehow it’s easier for us to focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do.

It’s been said time and time again to practice gratitude for a happier life. It is basically a practice wherein we give thanks for our blessings. This fills our heart with love and peace. Also, it brings our attention to our blessings. This is a great practice and 100 percent effective. It opens our heart so we can give back a little of what we have, so we feel kindness towards others.

Inspiration: I have practiced gratitude for a year now and I’m a happier person who feels kindness towards others. I don’t hesitate to hug a person who needs it or help someone who is in need. I have also had a more fulfilling year:)

Let go of the things that do not serve you. I wish you all bliss…❤

Does being a parent make you a child expert?

When a young couple becomes pregnant, they will be advised by anyone and everyone who has had a child or sometimes by people who have heard from someone who has a baby. It will be an overwhelming tornado of dos and donts for the soon to be parents.

What I need to understand here is does becoming a parent make every parent a specialist. I can tell my own story to shed some light on the subject.

I was 18 when I was married off, I had to succumb to social pressure, bare a child and had the baby at 19. I did not know much about children. I did not read books about child upbringing as my mom’s experience was my book. Yet, I did not have a single thing to complain about my baby till day.

I always tell everyone that I had the best kid in the world. She ate almost everything I fed her. Played quietly on her own. Listened to everything she was asked to do. Did I have the best kid or what? In the meanwhile, my brother had kids who were super energetic, did not eat a thing and thus crying all the time. Now does this mean I’m a savant as a parent as my kid was easy to manage? Does it give me the rights to point a finger at my brother and say they were bad parents?

The answer is it doesn’t. Every child is different for so many reasons. It depends on genetics and such. We cannot use the same tailored method for every child. We also cannot judge another parent as they are not raising the child as smooth as you might have.

Inspiration: As I had a great kid so I did everything easily and my brother’s wife struggled as she had electric children. So I had occasionally been quite judgmental, which I realized later was not right and adjusted my attitude. We all want to be super parents for our children so when another parent criticizes it’s quite cruel and hurtful.Happy Parenting:)

Let go of the things that do not serve you. I wish you all bliss…

Embrace the Imperfections!

There was a time when I was younger I used to look for perfection in people, a perfect friend or a perfect partner. I used to be disappointed as no one ever fell into my perfect category. There was always something missing. I decided to give up on people itself. As what’s the point, what I was looking for did not exist.

Then I wondered If I would fall into the perfect category of anyone and I realized I did not. I noticed many flaws in myself. I could be selfish, self-involved and insensitive.

It was clear to me then, I was looking for something that even I could not fit into and I adjusted my attitude hereafter. I realized loving someone meant focusing on their goodness and overlooking their less positive attributes. In other words, accepting them for who they were.

Inspiration: I have truly learnt to accept people for who they are. I’m happier as I have no expectations from people around me. Therefore, I’m not disappointed. When someone does do something for me I am pleasantly surprised and grateful 🙂

Let go of the things that do not serve you. I wish you all bliss…❤️

Believe it or not.I wish it was that simple.

I’m not the type to trust easily. I was always a skeptic and never trusted anything until I would be provided with full proof. At some rare occasions something would make me a believer. However, very soon I’ll find many holes in the theory and will end up heartbroken and a little shaken about what to believe and what not to.

Does everyone else go through the same? If yes, then why are people prepared to make up half-ass theories which don’t add up at the end. Is it just for short term gain?The more you think you know the less we know as the truth of it all is quite unsettling.

So how do we deal with this. Should we go with the “ignorance is bliss bit”? As deeper you dig for answers, the more lost we get.

Inspiration: I have realised recently that the only solution to our conundrum about beliefs. When we do come across something we may want to believe in; we should not to dive in right away but tread lightly and do your research. See if it’s really worth your time. Take it one little step at a time. So when you start feeling it does not make sense anymore, you can quit and go back to your life like nothing ever changed.

Let go of the things that do not serve you. I wish you all bliss…❤️

Life is million little moments!

When people tell me at times they hardly have a life I don’t understand what that means. What does having a life entail? Yes, we are conditioned that life needs to be lived in a certain way to be aknowledged by the society as having a life. If we did not live a life according to the standards of the society; does our life become invalid?

My life is very different to what the society approves but I have very few complaints about it. I do have ambitions, dreams, and aspirations just like the next person. I think life is not about doing certain things at the correct time frame set by the society. I believe it’s a series of small moments that chain together to make a life.

I cherish everything which has lead up to this moment in my life. Even the bad ones, as I know it, hurts. But without those I wouldn’t have the more wonderful things. (Like marrying my ex leading up to having my daughter).

Inspiration: Try not to fall for the ‘this is how your life should be’ format of the society. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you be true to yourself. It’s not worth wasting your time on something that doesn’t make you happy. I was married to somebody who did not appreciate me and used to obey my family who didn’t get who I was. I don’t let anyone tell me how I must live my life.

Let go of the things that do not serve you. I wish you all bliss…❤️